Friday, September 16, 2016

The Truth Is.....

On Sunday my mom and I took Avery to the Nats game where CP would later join us. Avery and I haven't been to a Nats baseball game in over a month and she's at the age where she's changing so rapidly that she's not the same little chickpea that she was just 30 days ago. Flashback to last year when she would literally sleep through the entire game. Those days are LONG gone.

After enjoying a small bucket of french fries all to herself (#yolo), Aves quickly became antsy. It was clear that trying to stay in our seats was not a realistic expectation so I took her up to the concessions area above our seats where we ended up staying for over an hour. In all honesty, despite missing most of the baseball game itself, that hour was so darn fun! Avery had a blast running into the crowds of people passing by and wiggling her way back to me, many people stopped to say hello to her, and we even got to hear the bagpipers tune up for their 7th inning stretch performance.

The reason I popped in to even share this is because I had posted some photos on social media that showed Avery sitting in a seat happily munching on those delicious fries and while she certainly did enjoy them, that photo did not accurately represent our experience that afternoon! I find that this is one of the most obvious blessings and curses of social media in general- our lives are so curated. While I know this, I think it's an important reminder to bring to light sometimes, too.

The Nats game was a great time, but not because of the baseball. It was fun because I had the opportunity to soak up some unintended moments of Avery's childhood that were incredibly special to me. In a schedule that keeps us moving non-stop, it was especially meaningful to me that we were able to veer off course and be extra silly and spontaneous together.

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  1. Just now catching up! Wish I could have been there with you three!