Friday, August 19, 2016

Favorite Toddler Products (16 months)

Hey there! I wanted to share some of our favorite toddler items that we've been getting a lot of use out of this summer. Keep in mind, with the larger ticket item (such as our strollers), we did not try other ones so I don't have a gauge of how they compare to others. Update: I rented a BOB this week at the beach and love it!

Uppababy Vista Stroller- Leave it to my mom who found one of these on super clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond of all places! It was a previous year's model on sale and she was also able to use their infamous 20% coupon on it so we got a killer deal on this stroller. I will say that the design is so sleek and I love it. It does really well on different terrains (it's not meant as a jogging or trail stroller, though) and my only quip with it is that it's heavy! It does fold up and stand quite easily, but you definitely need both hands to lift it into the car or the house.

Uppababy GLite stroller- I know what some of you are saying- two strollers?! However, those who have an umbrella stroller will probably attest to the power of them! They are SO light and easy to get around with. We mostly keep ours in the car so we can use it for going to the park, the mall, and other errands that we don't want to lug the Vista around for. It's NOT great on any non-flat surfaces, but it's not meant to be used on those. The only hold up that I have with the GLite is that despite many adjustments with the straps, Avery still tends so slouch a lot in it. Is this normal for umbrella strollers? On the upside, it has a strap so you can carry it over your shoulder when it's folded up, which is a great feature.

Orange Vanilla bubble bath- I definitely throw this in my own baths, too! The scent is divine and it leaves Avery's skin feeling super soft and fragrant.

360 Cups- Somehow we completed avoided the milk in a bottle phase when I stopped feeding Avery and transitioned straight to sippy cups and 360 cups. These are wonderful and really get toddlers on track to sip from a normal cup on their own. The only downside is that when they throw it, the water splashes onto the floor quite a bit.

PB Kids Anywhere Chair - This was a birthday present for Avery and I honestly wasn't sure how much use it would get even though it is beyond adorable. Well, I can safely say that it gets a TON of use in our house! Avery looooves sitting in "her" chair and can often be found sitting there with her milk just "reading" away. It's great that she has her own little nook to read and watch TV from (Eeks! Did I just admit that I let my kid watch some T.V.?! Ha!).

Babyganics Spray Sunscreen- I LOVE this sunscreen because it's white so you can see where it goes on but it's not like zinc oxide where it stays white on the skin. It does smell a little strange, but I'll take a bit of a smell over a bad sunburn any day. I've actually been using it on myself this summer, too.

Swim Diaper- This has been a great addition to our beach bag this summer! At our pool, you need to have another pair of swim pants on top of a swim diaper, so I've mainly been using a rashguard top and then this bottom over a swim diaper. I like that it's adjustable with the snaps since Avery's ham hocks continue to grow by the minute....

LEGO Duplos- I'm not sure who has more fun with these, Avery or CP, but they are a big hit in our house. The only hiccup is that unlike most of Avery's other toys, I have to put these away daily unless we want to be yelping in pain in the middle of the night. :)

Freshly Picked moccs- These continue to be our favorite shoes. Avery is on her third pair and they are the only ones that she cannot get off- and they're adorable! I try to get neutral colors that will go with a lot of outfits, but their designs are so, so cute and I might spring for a fun print someday soon.

Pamper's Baby Dry diapers- These quickly became a necessity when Avery was leaking out of her diapers nearly every night. Now that we seem to be through the big teething phase (minus those last molars!), potty training seems to be the next big hurdle in a few months. I'm sure I'll have an all call for advice on that sometime soon!!

There you have it- many of our favorites these days. I'm sure I've forgotten a few and I'd also love to hear any toddler favorites of your own!

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